Beldan, FLLC

BELDAN FLLC is a bacon pig farm with the production capacity of 46 thousand finisher pigs per year.

The production was launched in March 2009, the sales started in 2010.

The farm complex is constructed and the production is carried out in full compliance with the Danish production technology. The vertical integration of several productions ensures 100% control over the quality and safety of the ready products.

The end-product of our farm is the 1st class lean bacon meat produced by crossing of 3 pure breeds: Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc.

The sales are made in from of live weight, chilled half carcasses, cuts, sub-products, sows in live weight.

Geography of deliveries includes the Republic of Belarus and countries of the Customs Union.



Beldan FLLC delivers the 1st class chilled bacon meat in half-carcasses.

The lean meat is produced by crossing of 3 pure breeds Landrace-Yorkshire-Duroc.

The average weigh of one half-carcass is 37 kg.


The industrial process of cutting ensures the high quality of the cut, standardize it and make each cut look attractive to the client.

The way of package – the plastic reusable container.


Description Average weight
of the piece from, kg
Liver 1,7 25kg cartoon box
Heart 0,35 25kg cartoon box
Kidneys 0,34 25kg cartoon box
Tongue 0,15 25kg cartoon box
Stomach 0,5 25kg cartoon box
Head without tongue, ears and cheek trimmings 3,8 In bulk
Cheek trimmings 1,40 25kg cartoon box
Raw fat 0,5 18kg cartoon box
Legs 0,9 25kg cartoon box
Ears 0,24 15kg cartoon box
Tail 0,1 15kg cartoon box
Lung, trachea, kaltyk, spleen, diaphragm etc (mix) 1,7 15kg cartoon box
TOTAL (one set) 11,68 kg

The weekly output is 950 sets in average.


We deliver sows in live weight.

The average weight of the sow at delivery is +/-250 kg.

The weekly output is 15 heads in average.


Please do not hesitate to contact us any time by email or you can reach us under the following telephone numbers:

+375 17 342 82 20 (general)
+375 29 647 00 21 (Nikolai)